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Feluy Services Center : Rent offices or storage warehouses in Feluy, Hainaut

Business Center

Feluy Services Center offers rental office spaces for your company in its industrial park in Feluy, near Seneffe and Écaussinnes.

Establish your business with us and potentially establish partnerships with our company. We only offer short or long-term rentals. We currently have at least 30 offices for rent.

You can also rent one or more warehouses to store your goods. Your company can, for example, rent one of our warehouses to carry out a specific operation for your supply chain, such as preparation, distribution, or even production. Expand your storage capacity and reduce your costs!

Call us for more information about this service and to receive a customized offer based on your company's space and operational needs.

Our TotalEnergies gas station

Our partner, TotalEnergies, offers all its services within our center.

Station hours:

Monday to Friday, from 5am to 7pm.

Contact number : +32 64 27 54 64

Feluy Cleaning Service

Feluy Cleaning is here for trucks and truck drivers! Our offices are available from 8am to 5pm for any inquiries about our services.

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