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Feluy Logistic : loading, unloading and storage of goods in Hainaut

Transport and storage of goods

Our team takes care of the secure and efficient unloading and movement of your goods. We also have a dedicated area for pallet unloading and a storage space.


You have the option to store your goods at our facility, for example, while waiting for another carrier to pick them up. Feluy logistic provides all the necessary equipment, such as storage silos for "bag cracking". Various types of goods can be stored in these silos to prevent any loss in product quality.

Truck drivers: Rest area and sanitary facilities

Come and dine and refresh yourself at our facility! We offer all the comfort that a truck driver desires after spending long hours behind the wheel of a heavy-duty truck.

Rest area: meals and hot and cold beverages.

• Sanitary facilities: free showers and toilets in the Cleaning area, paid for in the shop.

Laundry area: washing machines and dryers available (paid).

Express repair for your truck

Voltronas Truck Repair Company is a loyal partner of our truck center. They easily identify the technical problems you encounter and perform quick repairs on your truck so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

All types of repairs: engine, tire change, brakes, oil, etc.

TotalEnergies Gas Station

Our station, located right next to our warehouse and cleaning center, is an integral part of our activities. Find all the fuels offered by TotalEnergies and replenish your AdBlue® supply.

You can enjoy all the services available at regular service stations: dining, shop, restrooms, etc.

Station opening times : :

Monday to Friday, 5am to 7pm.

Contact number : +32 64 27 54 64

Feluy Cleaning Service

Feluy Cleaning is here to serve trucks and truck drivers! Our offices are available from 8 am to 5 pm for any inquiries regarding our services.

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